Base colors:
Dilution Genes
With 1 cream gene added:
All colors start out with a base color of chestnut, bay or black with modifying genes to change appearance.
(chestnut based)
(bay based)
Smoky Black
(black based)
One copy of the cream gene only affects red pigment turning it to a golden color, the black pigment is not affected.
With 2 cream genes added:
Smoky Cream
(chestnut based)
(bay based)
(black based)
Two copies of the cream gene dilutes original red pigment to a white/cream and dilutes black pigment to a cinnimon red color.
With 1 or 2 dun genes added:
Basic dun characteristics include: Leg barring and dorsel stripe. Other characteristics may be present.
Leg barring
Dorsel stripes
Red Dun
(chestnut based)
Bay Dun
(bay based)
(black based)
Grullo /Grulla
The dun gene dilutes the red body color to a dull apricot color and the black body color to a mouse-like color. Characteristics are left dark.
"Silver Dapple"
With 1 or 2 silver dapple genes added:
(chestnut based)
(bay based)
(black based)
Chestnut Silver Dapple
Bay Silver Dapple
Black Silver Dapple
The silver dapple gene ONLY affects black pigment. The red pigment is not affected. The black on the body can turn to a chocolate color while the mane and tail turns white/cream. Mane and tail can darken with age.
Photo Credit:
Chestnut (Morgan) - SMS Bella Linda - Owned by Wendy Hanger
Bay (Morgan) - Alibi Trianna - Owned by Wendy Hanger
Black (Morgan) - Roselyn Knight Hawk - Owned by Wendy Hanger
Palomino (Morgan) - Brownstone Bit O W Pepper - Owned by Wendy Hanger
Buckskin (Morgan) - Hang N Southern Rain - Owned by Wendy Hanger
Smoky Black (Morgan) - Hang N Jagermeister - picture by Jodi Thorpe
Cremello (Morgan) - MEMC Tequila Cuervo - Owned by Jennifer Weske-Monroe
Perlino (Morgan) - Season's Pure Country - Owned by Wendy Hanger
Smoky Cream (Rocky Mtn.) - Little Eagle Cornstalk - Owned by Jerry and Rosie Morgan
Red Dun (Fox Trotter) - picture by Gwen Smith
Bay Dun (Morgan) - Hang N Joe Dirt - Owned by Wendy Hanger
Grullo (Morgan) - Ragtime Dun D - picture by Jodi Thorpe
Chestnut silver (Morgan) - Coulee Bend Orion - Owned by Linda Sterling
Bay silver (Morgan) - Unconventional - Owned by Lyle & Cindy Dietz
Black Silver (Rocky Mtn.) - Doc's Big Deal - Owned by Jerry and Rosie Morgan
Gold Champagne (Racking/TWH) - Mellow Yellow - Owned by Ed O'Neill
Amber Champagne (Fox Trotter) - Clouds Jubilation - Owned by Rod & Kristi Thompson
Classic Champagne (TN Walker) - Champagne Buzz - Owned by Kelly Edmondson
Other modifying colors include: Gray, Roan, appaloosa markings, paint/pinto markings......and many, many others. Any of these genes can be combined with each other to make some very interesting shades!
With 1 or 2 champagne genes added:
(chestnut based)
(bay based)
(black based)
The champagne gene acts and looks very similar to the cream gene. Black pigment is changed to brown. Champagne foals are born their "base" color with blue eyes and light skin but shed out to their modified color. Adults eyes changed to amber, skin is pink and mottled. This gene is know for it's "metallic sheen".
Gold Champagne
Amber Champagne
Classic Champagne